Only 500 Video Books Available! Makes a Great Gift
Only 500 Video Books Available! Makes the Ideal Gift

The Easiest and Most 
Entertaining Way to Repair Your Relationship and Create a Joyful, Resilient, Passionate Marriage

The Classic Torah-Based Guide To A Successful Marriage is 
Now Available As a Video Book & Online Course

  • Stop Growing Apart
  • Resolve Conflicts
  • Reconnect & Rekindle The Spark

Does Your Marriage Make You Feel:

  • Concerned about the future because you used to enjoy spending time together – but now you can’t seem to connect
  • Lonely because you feel neglected, rejected, or disrespected.
  • ​Frustrated because you’ve tried everything to make your spouse happy – and they're still complaining…
  • Confused because you can’t figure out the cause of your problems.
  • Depleted because you dread going home and getting into another  fight.
  • ​Anxious about the future of your relationship and what that might mean for yourself, your children, and your finances.

Whether You’ve Been Languishing In a Relationship 
That Seems “Good Enough” Or Your Marriage Has 
Become Distant, Strained, Or Explosive... 

It can be a constant ache that occupies your mind, drains your energy, and may even break your spirit. 

And You’ve Tried, You’ve Really Tried To Make Things Better…

  •  You’ve tried taking an interest in their hobbies and going on “date nights”, but you’re left feeling like you're disconnected and detached. 
  • ​You’ve tried explaining your needs – many times. Your spouse may have apologized, got defensive, blamed you, or said, “This is just the way I am,” – and you’re left feeling hurt and stuck.
  • You’ve tried positive reinforcement, and doing things the way your spouse wants them done – but no matter what you do or stop doing, they are still not happy – and you’re left feeling frustrated that things don’t improve no matter how much effort you make. 
  • You’ve asked friends for advice, read articles, and even spoken to your Rabbi or Rebbetzin – but nothing has helped.
  •  It’s so hard to improve your relationship if you don't know where you are going wrong. How can you fix it if you can’t figure out the source of the problems?
  • ​You can see your shalom bayis slipping away, and it’s depressing, frustrating, and more than a little bit scary. 
  • ​You worry that your relationship will end up permanently estranged…or worse…if you and your spouse can’t figure out how to resolve the problems, work together, and inject some romance back into your relationship.
  • You’re stuck. You’re baffled. You know something is fundamentally wrong in your marriage, but what? You lie awake at night wondering…
  •  Were you both different people when you met, and you’ve both changed?
  • ​Did you just choose the wrong person ? 
  • ​Are you fundamentally incompatible?
  • ​Are your issues normal and reversible, or is it too late? 
  • ​Have you hurt or neglected each other beyond repair?

But, of course, life goes on. 
You’re also busy with the kids, work, errands, chesed, simchas…

  • You don’t know how to fix your relationship…
  • Life keeps up its hectic pace…
  • Nothing gets resolved…
  • ​And you are left feeling drained, lonely, and anxious about the future…

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Now it’s easier than ever to learn the Torah’s secrets
on repairing and rejuvenating your marriage

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the amusing animated videos that illuminate the path to 
creating the happy, healthy marriage you’ve always wanted

Read a book?

Let’s be honest. These days, most people say “Who has time for that?” Whether you and your spouse are just a little distant, growing further and further apart, fighting, or headed toward divorce...

Rabbi Ben Tzion Shafier, founder of, and author of the critically acclaimed book "The 10 Really Dumb Mistakes That Very Smart Couples Make", recognizes that even if a book has the highest endorsements and a well-established track record of healing relationships – it will still probably collect dust on your shelf.

That’s why he created animated, engaging 3-minute videos that are perfect for today’s short attention spans! These quick, entertaining videos encapsulate all of the book’s insights, tips, and techniques that have saved countless marriages – and put them into an innovative, convenient (and really cool!) video book.

Whether you watch these videos alone or with your spouse, you’ll enjoy seeing the cute, funny, animated characters make the common mistakes that derail marriages – and you’ll effortlessly understand the Torah’s essential advice on creating happy healthy marriages.

Watch some of the videos here:

Through these fun, captivating, short videos, you’ll learn Torah-based and science-backed skills, strategies, and tools that will dramatically improve your marriage, such as:

  •  Why you are in the same marriage together – but experiencing different marriages. 
  • How gender differences can wreak havoc on a marriage so you can avoid making the most common marriage mistakes.
  • Specific things you can do to strengthen your relationship even if your partner isn't on board or you aren't able to discuss your needs or concerns with them.
  • How to improve your connection with your partner without having to engage in long, drawn-out discussions, or even expensive couples therapy.
  • ​How communication is essential – but different – for you and your spouse, and how to communicate in a way that makes your spouse feel close to you. 
  • How to understand, accept (and even embrace!) your spouse’s emotional world, so you will finally understand each other without judgment, and can stop fighting about the same issues over and over again.
  • ​The ONE THING your husband wants from you more than anything else – and it’s not what you think. 
  • The ONE THING that will make your wife happy – and it’s DEFINITELY not what you think. 
  • ​The ONLY way to change your spouse, so you can finally get what you need in the relationship.
  • ​​How to give and receive genuine, feel-good appreciation from your spouse, so you can start a cycle of positivity that will shift the energy in your home and rekindle the flame in your relationship.

You will be empowered to transform your marriage from the inside out, and experience feeling loved, respected, and 
supported once again.

Once you learn the real source of your issues and understand the Torah’s roadmap to creating a loving relationship, you’ll stop bickering over the small stuff, begin to work together towards common goals and make choices that are in alignment with the greater vision for your marriage. 

You’ll be able to: 

  •  Identify and break the destructive patterns that have been ruining your relationship.
  • ​Talk about important issues without getting defensive. Resentment will fade as appreciation and understanding grow.
  • ​Establish roles, rules, expectations, and agreements that will stabilize your relationship and create a positive atmosphere.
  • ​Discover a new appreciation, admiration and deeper love for your partner, and vice-versa.
  •  Start to have fun together again, and no longer feel so alone.
  • Be able to adapt to whatever life brings. You’ll learn to use challenges as an opportunity to grow, work as a team and strengthen your commitment to each other.
  • ​Go from feeling numb, lonely, anxious and angry to feeling relaxed, happy and optimistic about your future together.

It is often possible to turn around an existing relationship with a few small changes.

 Empowered by the principles in the videos, you’ll be able to create a healthier relationship where you and your spouse feel heard, understood, connected, respected, cherished, and desired. 

You’ll finally be able to relax because you’ll look forward to speaking to your spouse and spending time with them on date nights, vacations, Shabbos and holidays. 

You will have the peace of mind that your children will see you model a healthy relationship – and that you can stay together no matter what challenges the future may bring.

And you don’t have to wait until the video book arrives to start learning the critical lessons that will help you repair your relationship…

Start learning the ancient wisdom  you need to build your Bayis Neeman  b’Yisroel immediately…

Whether you and your spouse are just a little distant, growing further and further apart, fighting, or headed toward divorce – there is no time to waste. The longer you go without taking action, the lower your chances of saving your marriage. Marriages in crisis are not static. If they are not improving, they are getting worse.

That’s why Rabbi Shafier put these marriage-saving videos in an online course that you can access immediately. Plus, during this special, limited offer, you’ll also receive the hardcover, ebook, and audio versions of the best-selling book The 10 Really Dumb Mistakes That Very Smart Couples Make. 

Sold separately, this package would cost: 

  • Video Book - $149
  • Hard Cover - $24.99
  • E-Book - $14.99
  • Audiobook - $9.99
  • Online Course - $69

Total Value: $267.95

  • Video Book - $149
  • Hard Cover - $24.99
  • E-Book - $14.99
  • Audiobook - $9.99
  • Online Course - $69

Total Value: $267.95

Introductory Price: $99

Now $69

A priceless package at an affordable price… for a limited time only.

Rabbi Shafier wants to get these marriage-saving tools into the hands of as many couples as possible as quickly as possible!

That’s why this invaluable package is only $99…but there is one catch.

You have to order now because this package will be available at the ridiculously low price of $99 – for the first 500 video books only – (and they are going fast!) 

There is NO RISK because Rabbi Shafier stands behind his products 100%. If you are not 
completely satisfied, for any reason, you can return the package at any time, receive a full refund, and keep the ebook and audiobook as his gift. 

Don’t Forget About Your Friends & Loved Ones

Remember– the entertaining and enlightening video book, online course, hardcover book, 
e-book, and audiobook make a great gift for: 

Remember– the entertaining and enlightening video book, online course, hardcover book, ebook, and 
audiobook make a great gift for: 

  •  A Chosson and Kallah – You can help them avoid marital strife and create a strong marriage – right from the start! 
  • Your friends who are struggling in their marriage – It’s so hard to know what to say or how to help – so let the video book advise them in an engaging and entertaining way. 
  • Even someone who is happily married, and wants to learn how to take their relationship from good to great.

And because Rabbi Shafier’s goal is to get these marriage-saving tools into the hands of as many couples as possible, during this limited-time offer, if you buy more, you will save more!

One Marriage

Saving Package


Two Marriages

Saving Package



Three Marriages

Saving Package



  • Video Book - $149
  • Hard Cover - $24.99
  • E-Book - $14.99
  • Audiobook - $9.99
  • Online Course - $69

Total Value: $267.95

Introductory Price: $99

Now $69

Remember – these special prices are only available 
for the first 500 video books – so don’t delay! 

Order your packages and start spreading shalom bayis and saving marriages today! 

The essential lessons in this innovative video book have 
helped hundreds of couples stop fighting, rediscover 
romance, and save their marriage.

“I had an amazing experience with this book! It’s clear. It’s fantastic.  I think this book could save so many marriages.”
-Avigayil S, new kallah

The original book is enthusiastically endorsed by the Rabbonim of Klal Yisroel:

"This book is a bracha! I can't say enough praise about it. This is exactly what the klal Yisrael needs. I am a talmid of Rav Aharon Kotler and Rav Moshe Feinstein. I can tell you with certainty that they would have said: “Everyone should read this book. This book can save the Klal Yisroel.” Both Rav Aharon and Rav Moshe would have hugged you for writing this book.

- Rosh HaYeshivah Shlomo Singer shlita, Passaic Torah Institute

“I wish this book was out when I got married. It’s a Torah-true perspective on how to build an enduring relationship. Warmly recommended!”

- Rosh HaKollel Yitzchok Mitnick shlita, Avodas Berurah

“This excellent book, if not merely read, but acted upon, can avoid so much pain in young marriages as well as repair old marriages. Deep happiness awaits those that are wise enough to change.” 

- Rosh HaYeshivah Yechiel Yitzchok Perr shlita, Yeshivah of Far Rockaway

“A thoroughly enjoyable book that can be shared by husband and wife together. It’s an eye-opening, refreshing and helpful read that gives validation and support to couples at every stage of married life. It is also extremely beneficial to new couples so that they know what to expect and are confident to deal with any issues that may arise. ”

- Rabbi Shimon Gruen, Founder of LeHair

It’s a reference manual for marriage 
therapists and their clients. 

““I found the book enjoyable, easily understood, enlightening and inspiring. This is truly an aid in enabling one to understand oneself and their spouse. I recommend this work to all couples who want to strengthen their marriages, whether or not they are experiencing problems. I also recommend to all those in the process of finding a spouse as an excellent preparation for marriage”

HaRav Zev Leff shlita
Rav of Moshav Matityahu

“The 10 Really Dumb Mistakes That Very Smart Couples Make is a repository of wisdom from a scary-smart rabbi and counselor who has a perfect read on religious American Jewry. This masterwork is simply indispensable; it will change lives, save families and have a compelling impact upon our community.

In every decade that are a few truly great motivational books, and this is one of them. Rich in insight, vast in scope, and comprehensive in its treatment, it is a must read by anyone married, including myself. It is an urgent read for anyone in a trying relationship or a marriage punctuated by heartbreak and damaged love.”

Rabbi Hanoch Teller
Author and Educator

"This excellent, easy-to-read book will speak to married couples everywhere. Partners in Torah is always on the lookout for materials that explain crucial Torah concepts in a relatable and enjoyable way. The Ten Really Dumb Mistakes That Very Smart Couples Make is practical and packed with genuine Torah wisdom and a healthy dose of humor. It's essential reading for anyone looking to build a happy Jewish marriage."

Rabbi Eli Gewirtz, LCSW

CEO, Partners in Torah
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

"I've read the book and it's terrific! It's smart, it's clear and it's practical. Any marriage can benefit from this book. I would highly recommend it to anyone married for five minutes or fifty years"

Dr. David Lieberman
Internationally renowned, award-winning and pioneering leader in the fields of human behavior and interpersonal relationships

Chosson & Kallah Teachers 
recommend it as a primer for marriage 

“The book is excellent and well-needed! I love Reb Bentzion’s breezy style, I love the way he writes and how the book is structured. It’s an absolute chesed to have this book out there, it will help so many people. Again, I just want to reiterate what an important book this is for Klal Yisroel. It needs to be in hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of homes.” 

Rabbi Menachem Nissel
Author and Educator

“Excellent content that I thoroughly recommend. I will be encouraging all of my chassanim to read this incredibly helpful book.”

Rabbi Shaya Klyne
Chosson Teacher

“Rabbi Shafier's excellent new marriage guide is a refreshing, informative, and inspiring resource to enhance one's marriage. Whether you are married for fifty years or just beginning your marital journey, reading this enjoyable collection will greatly enhance your life.”

Rabbi Yechiel Spero
Author and Educator

“This book is exactly what’s needed! I absolutely feel it is a MUST for all kallahs as well as married couples. As I was reading this book I was literally shouting out loud ‘Yes! This is exactly what kallahs need to know about marriage!’ I have ordered two cases of this book so that I can give them to my kallah students. It’s an absolute must for every engaged couple.”

Mrs. Miriam Gruen
Kallah Teacher

“The biggest takeaway I gained from this book is the knowledge that you can have a great marriage- you can empower yourself to build a beautiful life together. This book really teaches couples that there are no free rides - marriage takes work but the effort is totally worth it.”

Mrs. Malkie Schwinder
Kallah Teacher

“I’ll be giving it to every kallah I teach and let me tell you why. I've read so many Jewish and secular books on marriage and listened to so many shiurim. This book is like a magnum opus of them all. It's down to earth, easy to read, super relatable and non preachy. It's good old common sense wrapped in Torah, practical examples and even handedness.

Mrs. Frimi Levi
Kallah Teacher

Stop the endless cycle of 
disconnection and disputes that lead 
so many couples to divorce.

Even if things are “okay,” but the spark has dwindled to an ember, and life together has 
become a series of chores, errands, and logistics – it’s time to start working on your 
relationship now, before the rift grows larger. 

Even if things are “okay,” but the spark has dwindled to an ember, and life together has become a series of chores, errands, and logistics – it’s time to start working on your relationship now, before the rift grows larger. 

From the outside, it may look like your relationship is fine – but if you:

  •  Can barely remember the last time you just had fun together
  • ​Walk on eggshells to avoid having same arguments over and over again
  • ​Feel unappreciated, disrespected, and sometimes even invisible

It can feel like your soul is suffocating. 

Think about it…what is this Marital Mess Costing You?

The cost goes far beyond dollars – the emotional pain, stress, and sleepless nights – not to mention the impact on your children. 

You desperately want to be a good role model for them and worry about the example you are setting. 

All of this pain, stress, and anxiety can eventually destroy your spirit. 

You have to do something.

If you stay stuck in the same patterns, you may look back one day on a marriage that spiraled out of control and wonder how it could have been avoided if you had the right guidance at the right time. 

Good relationship skills are easy – but not obvious.

In order to change your situation, you need a new perspective – and what better perspective than the Torah’s perspective, backed up by modern science and taught through short, entertaining, and informative videos?

You owe it to yourself to get the video book, immediately start enjoying the videos in the online course, and have the hardcover, ebook, and audiobook for reference. 

After all, what is $99 when compared to the ongoing pain and stress of living a distant, strained, or explosive marriage? What is it compared to the emotional and financial cost of separation and divorce?

And what is the value of restoring shalom bayis to your home and creating a harmonious, caring, and passionate marriage? PRICELESS.

Even if you think you’ve tried “everything” or that your partner will “never change,” – you haven’t tried this yet.
The animated, engaging videos make learning how to shift the trajectory of your relationship easy to understand and implement. 

Like the 20,000 other couples who have benefited from the wisdom in 10 Really Dumb Mistakes Very Smart Couples Make, you’ll suddenly view things in a whole new light. 

You’ll almost effortlessly stop doing the wrong things, start doing the right things, and create a marriage where you both feel accepted, connected, respected, appreciated, and understood.

Order this Marriage-Saving package 

So you can learn the Torah’s prescription for repairing your relationship and creating a bayis neeman b’Yisroel.

You’ll finally: 

  •  Understand the easy, but not obvious, skills you need to repair your relationship and create a strong marriage.
  • ​Create a safe space where you both feel heard, respected, connected, cherished, and desired.
  • ​Be ready to face to whatever challenges come your way – together. 
  • ​Become teammates and soulmates again.
  • ​Be confident and optimistic about the future of your marriage.

Act Now! 

Don’t wait until things get worse. You shouldn’t have to live with the heartache of a distant, strained, or turbulent relationship for one more day.

When you order the video book, and you’ll be able to start your entertaining and enlightening journey with the videos in the online course, right away.

Plus you’ll get the hardcover book, ebook and audiobook for your reference for only $99 while supplies last.

While you’re at it, remember that this package makes the ideal gift, so order one for a friend or chosson and kallah in your life.

If not now, when?

Order now. 

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